Eva Marcille’s $3,000 studded Gasoline Glamour platforms at the 2010 BET Awards had everyone talking. Though the price tag may have discouraged most of us from buying Eva’s (or any other celebs) fancy footwear, the link between the brand and the celeb is forever embedded in our minds, according to a new Dutch study. A team of scientists found that seeing a celebrity wearing a great pair of shoes heightens a woman’s brain activity reports the New York Daily News. The team studied the brain activity of 24 women as they looked at color photos of celebrities wearing attractive shoes and noted heightened activity in the medial orbitofrontal cortex, the part of the brain associated with feeling affection. Though women in the study were not necessarily inspired to go out and buy the Jimmy Choos they’ve seen their favorite celeb wearing, the results prove that advertisers are on the right track by placing their fancy footwear on famous people because women tend to store the link between a celeb and a brand of shoes in their memory.

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