Casting Call for New Reality Show Asks: ‘Were You Born Into the Wrong Race?’
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Before Rachel Dolezal, the term “transracial” was used for children being raised by parents of another race. Post-Dolezal, transracial will be the defining feature of a new cast of reality stars.

That’s right, get ready for a reality show on people who feel they were “born into the wrong race.” (You knew it was coming!)

Casting director Jacqui Pitman, and Screaming Flea Productions (responsible for Hoarders), will conduct a nationwide search for the new series.

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“With the outing of Rachel Dolezal, more and more people have come forward with claims that they too are experiencing a similar kind of racial identity phenomenon,” Pitman said in the press release. “It is our hope that this project will give a face and a greater understanding to those who feel like they were born in the wrong skin and until now have been too afraid to admit it. Our intention is that the show will garner a better acceptance of people who feel unable to live an authentic life as who they believe they really are, despite what society might dictate.”

The Rachel Dolezal effect seems to be neverending, as the discussion on transracial identity continues. Though unannounced, the show will air on a major cable television network. Casting officially ends on September 25th.

Will you be tuning in?