Carol’s Daughter is set to debut its new Be Loved collection, a line of feel-good beauty products inspired by the film “The Help.”

Be Loved consists of a dry oil mist, body cleansing gel, frappe body lotion and Carol’s Daughter first-ever room spray. The line is infused with fresh aromas of magnolia, peach, and linen, to reveal a soothing summer scent.

Lisa says she was inspired by her parents’ love when dreaming up the new products. “My mother taught me how to love, while my father taught me I deserved to receive love. I channeled these sentiments while creating the Be Loved collection.”

Although the Be Loved collection hasn’t hit shelves yet, it has come under scrutiny for being marketed alongside the film “The Help,” which tells the unglamorous story of the relationships between African-American maids and their White employers in 1960s Mississippi.

What are your thoughts about a beauty line inspired by “The Help”? Does it rub you the wrong way or not bother you at all?

Be Loved Collection, $12- $21, Available exclusively on

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