Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis is looking to shake things up in New Jersey’s government. Yesterday, Lewis announced his candidacy for New Jersey Senate.

“I’ll be an independent thinker all the way through, I will be what I think is right, I’m going to always look at the issues and vote that way,” he said. Lewis will run as a Democrat while representing the eighth legislative district.

He went on to mention that during his time in office he hopes to encourage communities to improve educational opportunities related to physical education. The track and field runner will announce a more concrete platform at a later date.

If you’re familiar with Lewis you’re aware of his fantastic track record. He won the gold medal for the 100 and 200 meters, long jump and 400 meter relay in the 1984 Olympics. In the 1988 Olympics he took home gold for the 100 meters and long jump and in the 1992 games he once again took home the gold medal for the long jump and was a member of the U.S. 400 relay team. Lastly, in 1996 Lewis brought home his fourth gold medal in the long jump from Atlanta games.

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