If you watched the Love & Hip Hop: New York reunion last night, then you already know that Cardi B stole the show.

First, she had a hater removed from the audience. Cardi shouted into the crowd, momentarily leaving the audience stunned and confused with everyone hoping they weren’t the target of her wrath, before pinpointing the unfortunate woman and recalling a time when she allegedly told Cardi that she would always be a stripper.

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“Why are you here?! Remember when you told me that I was just going to be a f–king stripper?! Look at you now, watching me!” she said.

Um, possibly one of the most triumphant moments in reality TV history and a reminder to everyone that it doesn’t matter where you come from as long as you work hard to succeed.

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But, the realest moment of the night was Cardi B calling out Peter Gunz for his treatment of Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace. 

Cardi referred to the Bronx MC as “an old, washed up man, who f–king b**ches lives up and their reputations.” Telling him,

“Men like you are the type of men I’m talking about…you get p***y out of both of them, and what are they getting in return? What are they getting in return?! They look stupid on TV.”

Peter responded by telling Cardi to go “back to the basement where you got your butt shots” adding that she needs to love herself, garbage comments from an insecure man who clearly has no respect for women, whatsoever.

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Later, Amina Buddafly, Peter’s wife, announced she was pregnant with his tenth child…TENTH CHILD. Is this man trying to start a school? Is he too cash-strapped to buy condoms? There are various organizations that just give them away.

Honestly, the show was a mess, but Cardi B is a true champion. Not only did she point out double standards, champion women, and read Peter for filth, she also showed us that there isn’t just one kind of feminism. Cardi B is here for every woman, no matter what.


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