Candace Owens is back at it again with the fake news, claiming on Friday during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference that “America is not a racist country.” “America is not a racist country,” the prominent Black conservative commentator, and a regular on Fox News insisted. “Stop selling us our own oppression. Stop taking away our self-confidence by telling us that we can’t because of racism, because of slavery.” Owens continued to pour fuel on the fire adding “I have never been a slave in this country.” So, I guess that just cancels everything out. Because Black people are no longer enslaved in this country, all the issues that followed slavery, including systemic oppression through Jim Crow laws, have no impact on the present. Of course, Owens’ comments lit up a Twitter firestorm considering in 2007 her family received a $37,00 settlement from the Stamford, Conn. Board of Education after she accused a group of teens of leaving her threatening and racist messages while she was a high school student, as the Stamford Advocate notes.  But I guess that wasn’t racism? Or maybe racism ended once she received the settlement, something that sports journalist Jemele Hill pointed out in a scathing tweet. Another journalist, Dean Obeidallah, slammed Owens’ commentary as “beyond irresponsible.” Others on the internet also took Owens to task over her comments.