Meet our ‘Single Guy of the Month,’ Michael McConnell »

When more than 500 emails poured in for ESSENCE’s June 2009 Single Man of the Month Michael McConnell, we knew readers wanted to know more about our 30-year-old hot Brooklyn bachelor who is looking for love. In between juggling his marketing company, Team Mancini Lifestyle Inc., and launching a website that documents Brooklyn’s flourishing creative scene (, we caught up with the single father to discuss his dealbreakers, what makes his granny proud, and his search for a local leading lady.

ESSENCE.COM: You received tons of e-mails. What other great feedback has come your way?
It’s been a great experience so far. My grandmother told me, “Baby, I’m so proud of you. You look so good.” I’ve been working so I haven’t been hanging out that much, but one woman did stop me on the street to say, “Hey, you’re in ESSENCE magazine this month!”

ESSENCE.COM: I find it hard to believe that you’re “single-single.” There’s not anybody in your life?
I’ve met people and the sparks were there, but they always live far away and so it kind of fizzles out. If I’m not feeling that there is some chance that we could be together, that we could be in love, then I’m not gonna string you along.

ESSENCE.COM: So you’re looking?
I am the most romantic person on the face of the planet. I am definitely looking right now.

ESSENCE.COM: Tell me about your 6-year-old son. He’s such a little cutie!
I let women know that from the beginning that I’m a proud and responsible father. Elijah is the love my life.


ESSENCE.COM: Our readers would be mad if I didn’t ask if everything’s cool with you and his mother.
I have a great relationship his mother. There’s no drama there. Some women automatically assume that there’s gonna be this big crazy war and drama when they date men with kids, but that won’t happen with me.

ESSENCE.COM: Other than local, what else are you looking for in a woman?
I want a combination of all the strong women that I’ve come across in my life. I want the nurturing of my mother; the strong, bold wisdom of my grandmother; and that romantic queasy feeling I got from my first love.

ESSENCE.COM: What about looks? Do you have a type?
I can’t say I have a specific kind of woman that I like. I like them in all shapes and sizes. It’s really just more of your style and if you have that je ne sais quoi. She does have to be naturally beautiful, but I don’t care if her hair is a weave or locks, as long as it fits her face.

ESSENCE.COM: What’s your deal breaker?
A woman you can tell who has baggage and is mad at the world. Some women come out of relationships and want to generalize all men and put them all in is this negative category. When you start doing that, you’re cheating yourself out of a lot of good opportunities.