Today’s primaries could very well determine who will be the Democratic nominee for president. While Barack Obama moves closer to clinching the prize, the Associated Press claimed Hillary Clinton would concede tonight. But the New York senator quickly denied those claims in a press report release and her campaign team promises to press on.

Last weekend in our nation’s capital, where the Democratic National Committee met at a Washington, D.C., hotel to decide what to do about Michigan and Florida delegates, African-Americans outside the hotel spoke candidly to ESSENCE Deputy Editor of News Tatsha Robertson about Obama’s chances of winning.

“I don’t think he can win. He’s Mondale. He’s unelectable. He’s a typical politician. The White, blue-collar workers in swing states won’t vote for him. They don’t see him as one of them.”
-Tyrone Gray

“Obama is going to win. That’s it. It’s over on Tuesday. She [Hillary Clinton] is giving the Democrats less time to launch an effective campaign against McCain. She’s wasting time.”
– Mohamed Barry


Credit: AP Images

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