The Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Bowles,aka Mrs. Prince Charles of England, is making headlines after she blasted Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s latest music video during a speech in London this week.

Bowles was speaking at the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Center in South London when someone in the audience asked what she thought of Bey and Lady Gaga’s latest video, ‘Video Phone’.

“A lot of these video’s are terrifying,” she said. “I am sure they trigger a response in some of the young people. I can never understand how they can get away with making those things.”

Speaking specifically on how videos influence teenagers, she added, “It has happened too quickly, values have changed so much. I suppose it’s peer pressure, that’s the problem. You don’t want to look the odd one out. But it takes a strong person to show that they don’t approve, especially at that age.”


So what do you think? Should Bowles be singling out music videos or does she have a valid point?