Say It Isn’t So! Cam Newton is Retiring the Dab
Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

While the origins of the dab have been heavily debated, most point to the Atlanta-based hip-hop group Migos as the reason for the dance move’s mainstream introduction.

And, while they may have brought the dab to the mainstream, Cam Newton perfected it.

Is Martin Lawrence the True Inventor of Dabbing?


However, the football player recently told WFNZ’s The Mac Attack that he would no longer be dabbing. Yes, you read that right. Cam is retiring his signature move. The move that everyone and their grandmother knows, thanks to Cam, is getting laid to rest. “I have to put that aside,” the quarterback shared, acknowledging that it was time for him to find a new move. He’s not worried, though. The Carolina Panthers player says he has time to find something else, “I have time. I have ’til September to find out.”

RIP to the dab, it was fun while it lasted.

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