Woke Or Nah? Cam Newton Wears MLK Shirt To Pre-Game Warm-Ups
Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Following the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott, Cam Newton took to the field Sunday sporting a shirt with a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Newton spoke out about police violence Wednesday during a press conference telling reporters, “I’m a firm believer of justice and a firm believer of doing the right thing, and I can’t repeat enough about just holding people accountable. I am not happy with how justice has been dealt with over the years.” 

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Newton went on to add that Black people also have to hold themselves accountable, a comment that had many giving the NFL player a little side-eye.

“But we also, as black people, have to do right by ourselves. We can’t be hypocrites. I say that on one voice and also another voice that when you go public, or when things happen in the community, it’s not the fact that things are happening, it’s the way they’re being treated after they happen. When you get a person that’s doing unjust things or killing an innocent person or killing fathers, or killing people who have actual families, that’s real. I have a son and a daughter that I’m responsible for. So how would I be if one day they come home and there’s no more daddy? We just need people to be held accountable. That’s all.”

Protests during the game at Bank of America Stadium remained peaceful on Sunday. Mayor Jennifer Roberts also lifted the city’s curfew Sunday evening.