Some of us may be feeling quite stressed lately, the moment we start sniffling, wondering if we’re coming down with the common cold, or if our allergies are acting up, or if our symptoms are the beginning of the viral coronavirus.

However, some residents in California are taking their precautions to the next level, reportedly calling 911 to respond to neighbors whom they hear coughing loudly, the Palm Springs Desert Sun reports.

According to the report, Palm Springs police say that dispatchers fielded about five such calls last week, while in Desert Hot Springs they are handling similar calls.

However, given the situation, authorities are taking each call seriously and handling them professionally, the report notes.

Mostly the calls have been routed to the fire department, where paramedics check in to provide any needed medical attention before taking the individual to the hospital.

As they field the calls, law enforcement has been following CDC guidelines and taking precautions. In Palm Springs, for example, officers have taken to carrying hand sanitizer, gloves and medical face masks along with the rest of their everyday equipment. They are also equipped with extra masks and gloves for anyone who may be exhibiting any worrying symptoms.