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Florida-based hip-hop artist creates Obama Dance

Bob Brown was so moved by Senator Barack Obama’s nomination last month that he decided to do something to commemorate the event. To express his elation and pride, the business consultant created what he touts as the first official dance for a presidential candidate. Brown, 31, also recorded an accompanying song and video to complement the dance. A first-time voter, Brown talked to ESSENCE.com about why he believes his creation will unite Obama supporters around the world.
ESSENCE.COM: What inspired you to create this dance?
It was on the day of his nomination. I was driving around, trying to figure out how I could help him get elected president of the United States. Bottom line is, I wanted to generate support for Barack Obama and his election and allow those who have a like-minded vision and goals to share in the excitement of this history-making event together.  I’ve been doing hip-hop music since I was 9 and I figured this was one of the easiest ways for me to help. I wanted to create a relatively simple dance that anyone could do, no matter what race or age. As long as you support Barack Obama and his campaign, you can share in this cultural phenomenon. 

ESSENCE.COM: The dance and song has caught on like wildfire. How did you get the word out so quickly?
I posted the video on YouTube and [I found that] there are so many supporters in this country and worldwide. Many of them who were willing to help me talked to other influential people and their friends. It kind of took a life of its own.
The song is actually called “TheObamaDance.com.” It has a catchy beat and chorus that people will find easy to sing and dance to. The song has no curse words or derogatory language. I wanted to create something that Barack Obama could sit down and listen to with Michelle and their two daughters. 

ESSENCE.COM: Why do you think the hip-hop community has supported Obama from the start?
The hip-hop community is trendsetting and always looking for the next big thing. Barack Obama is a trendsetter and the next big thing in politics. Some of that has to do with the fact that he’s the only Black nominee, but at the same time a lot of that has to do with the style that he brings to his candidacy in the way he speaks and inspires people.

ESSENCE.COM: What do you mean when you say that you’re pro-Obama but not anti-McCain?
Basically what I mean is that I’m not going to use negative tactics toward McCain to show that I support Obama. I don’t think being negative will get more people to support Obama. At the end of the day, we have to live with what we say about the candidates. I don’t think that McCain is a bad person, but at the same time I don’t think he’s the best person for the presidency.

ESSENCE.COM: What will Obama have to do to win?
That’s a hard one because I’ve never spent time working with the campaign, but I would say that he needs to concentrate on the average, working American family because that’s the majority of people in our country. He also needs to make sure that the issues important to female voters who might be looking at Sarah Palin are addressed and that they know exactly where he is coming from.

For information on Bob Brown and the Obama Dance, go to TheObamaDance.com