Brown University Proposes $100 Million Plan to Address ‘Racism and Injustice’ On Campus
Yiming Chen

On Friday, Brown University unveiled a plan to implement a better the college environment for students of color. 

In a 19-page plan, The Root reports, the university will work to “create a just and inclusive campus community.”

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The “Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion: An Action Plan For Brown University” includes a $100 million dollar investment that University President Christina H. Paxson said is an “action [plan] needed to address racism and injustice on our campus.”

Paxson created the plan and sought input from both students and faculty.

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“The deep pain that we have heard expressed by students of color in the past weeks and months — a pain that has been affirmed by faculty and staff members who work closely with and care deeply about our students — is very real.”

Implemented over a ten-year period, the Rhode Island institution will increase the university’s racial and ethnic diversity and focus on four categories: campus community, investing in people, academic leadership, and accountability.