Meet the Brooklyn Writer Behind #LiterarySwag

Yahdon Israel wants everyone to read with style.

According to Blavity, #LiterarySwag began when the Brooklyn native spotted a well-dressed guy reading To Kill A Mockingbird and decided to snap a pic.

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He posted sporadically and encouraged friends to give it a shot, but it wasn’t until he turned it into a competition and opened it up to everyone that the movement truly caught on. Soon #LiterarySwag was everywhere and people were posting pictures of swagged out readers. 

Since the hashtag took off it’s been all over Instagram and #LiterarySwag has reached new heights. This summer’s contest includes a $2000 prize and Israel is constantly busy with events and book clubs. 

So, if you’re fly and like to read why not tag yourself and your friends and follow Yahdon for some #LiterarySwag. 

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