<p>British Party Leader Breaks Up With Girlfriend Over Racist Meghan Markle Texts</p>


The leader of Britain’s right-wing party had to drop his girlfriend after she texted racist remarks about Meghan Markle, which were made public on Sunday.

U.K. Independence party leader Henry Bolton announced Monday that he had dumped his girlfriend, Jo Marney, after a series of text messages written by her were published by the Daily Mail. Marney said that the marriage between Markle and Prince Harry would “taint” the royal family. She also described Black people as “ugly” and she would never have sex with “a negro.”

“This is Britain, not Africa,” she said, before replying to an assertion that she was racist with “lol so what.” 

Bolton, who is married, dumped the 25-year-old Marney on Monday, saying that he found her comments “appalling and insulting.” 

As for Marney, she says her words were taken out context but that she “fully recognizes the offense they have caused.”

The party’s chairman also suspended her from the party pending investigation.

The Royal Family has not commented on the scandal.