You Might Be Surprised What Brides are Covering with Their Wedding Insurance
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Brides can’t control every detail of their wedding day and things often don’t go as planned.

Unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, cancelled flights and delays with vendors happen all the time. However, with wedding costs averaging more than $30,000 and many venues and vendors not offering refunds when things go wrong, couples can’t afford for setbacks to ruin their day and drain their pockets.

Which explains a recent increase in wedding insurance which helps brides and grooms prepare for mishaps and cover their bank accounts in advance.

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You can now cover more than just your cancelled flight.  

Here is a list of the top claims couples are covering with wedding insurance before the big day according to

30% – Vendor Issues
Venues go out of business all the time, so couples are covering changes to venue and vendor no-shows.

29% – Illness or Injury
Couples are covering themselves and a loved one just in case someone gets sick or has a major injury that will inhibit attendance.

16% – Weather Issues
We can’t control the weather and blizzards, hurricanes and tornadoes can postpone your wedding day.

10% – Military Deployment
Deployment after the wedding contracts have been signed will certainly be an unforeseen probably for active-duty military brides and or grooms.

6% – Property Damage
Don’t get stuck with the tab if your guests get a little out of hand.  

2% – Attire 
Wedding gown disasters, lost rental tuxedo pieces and bridal party mishaps are important items to cover.

7% – Other

Unfortunately, most wedding insurance doesn’t cover a rainy day or Zika virus.  

“We understand that extreme or severe weather can happen unexpectedly — 16 percent of all wedding insurance claim payments over the past five years were due to weather. There is a difference, however, between a rainy day and truly catastrophic weather,” says Ed Charlebois, Vice President of Personal Insurance at Travelers.

As for Zika, insurance companies feel like it is a risk you take for hosting your wedding at affected locations. Just make sure you bring tons of bug spray during for  tropical destination wedding.

Wedding insurance seems like the way to go if you want to protect your pockets from spending additional money on circumstantial situations.  

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