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Bride: Schume’ Harrison, 26

Groom: Randall Harrison, 28

Occupations: Schume’, university speech instructor; Randall, government investigator

Homebase: Detroit

Wedding Date: November 1, 2008

Wedding Location: Rochester, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit)

Teenage Love: The bus stop was where teenage freshman Schume’ and sophomore Randall met in their hometown of Detroit but sparks didn’t immediately fly between the youngsters. “I thought he was cute but he was older so that was that. We never said anything more than hello in high school,” says Schume’. Years past and the two reconnected at a mutual friend’s New Year’s Eve party as college students. This time sparks did fly and eventually a courtship began. Their love affair brought a beautiful bundle of joy in the form of a baby girl named Randi Joelle in 2006.

Just the Three of Us: At the very bus stop that brought them together, Randall proposed to Schume’ on February 24, 2007. An excited Schume’ accepted the proposal and the couple began to plan their memorable fall nuptials. The real scene-stealer for Schume and Randall’s big day, however, was their now 3-year-old daughter Randi. The Afro-puffed toddler who is named after her father, the groom, was the center of attention. Schume’ admits, “I was not expecting the proposal so soon after I had Randi. We are the manifestation of high school crushes that live happily ever after,” brags Schume.

Fall-ing for You: Schume’ and Randall went a bit unconventional and decided to wed in the middle of fall. Just over 100 guests entered the conservatory where both the ceremony and reception was held to discover soft amber lights, live jazz, and a sparkly lit cherubic water fountain and barren trees outside in the crisp, autumn air. The couple kept their invited guests to a minimum. “Our wedding party was modest: just both of our parents and our then 2-year-old daughter Randi,” explains Schume’.

Daddy’s Little Girl: For Schume’, family is an important part of life and it was imperative to her that her father played a part in her ceremony. “My dad walking me down the aisle was very special. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer, so just for him to be there and see his daughter get married was huge,” reveals the newlywed.

Budget Bridal Bite: Schume’, who just spent roughly $10,000 on her nuptials (and snagged a Vera Wang wedding gown off-season for 70 percent off retail!) stresses the importance of keeping things in perspective when tying the knot. She advises future brides to “take your time and do everything little by little.” She adds, “At end of day you’re going to remember more about the time spent with your family and friends and them having a good time than what the linens looked like!”