No one ever said Trump supporters were smart or knew how to do simple math. And Brian Kolfage, a triple amputee disabled veteran and creator of a GoFundMe to help fund building Trump’s border wall, and the thousands of others who have donated, are proof of that. On the GoFundMe article, Kolfage wrote, “Like a  majority of those American citizens who voted to elect President Donald J Trump, we voted for him to Make America Great Again. President Trump’s main campaign promise was to BUILD THE WALL. And as he’s followed through on just about every promise so far, this wall project needs to be completed still.” As of Wednesday, 87,000+ people have donated $5,324,220 towards the $1 billion goal. But let’s do some simple math. Estimates show that it’ll take at least $25 billion to build the wall. That means donations would have to topple about $1.3 million a day, so that would take about 51 years of donating to build a wall.  See, they’re not so smart. Now here’s where the money that’s been donated already can come in handy. As Kolfage probably knows already, there are millions of homeless and disabled veterans in the United States. So maybe they could use a bit of the GoFundMe pie? Or better yet, maybe Kolfage could help the U.S.’s burgeoning homeless issue? Or..since Trump is always talking about making America great again, maybe he could start by making the educational system great by donating to after-school programs. And hell, while he’s at it, help some recent graduates get rid of their student loan debt. But no, these idiotic people would prefer to donate money to fuel their racism and xenophobia. No one ever said they were smart. But Kolfage could turn out to be the biggest Joanne the Scammer of 2018.