This New York High School Has Had 4 Students Murdered Within A Month
Claudia Torrens—AP

Four teenagers from Brentwood High School on Long Island have been found dead within the past month.

According to the Washington Post, their deaths are suspected to be gang related.

The remains of teenagers Oscar Acosta, 19, and Miguel Garcia-Moran, 15 were found days after the bodies of Nisa Mickens, 15, and her best friend Kayla Cuevas, 16, had been discovered.

As ESSENCE originally reported, Mickens and her Cuevas were walking in the Brentwood area when family members say local gang members attempted to kidnap Cuevas. Investigators believe Mickens appeared to have tried to fight off their attacker but was killed in the process. 

All four attended Brentwood High School. 

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Students from the school say they are scared to walk alone in their neighborhoods and have been advised by school administrators to avoid wearing clothes that would offend terrorizing gangs.  

“They don’t play around. If they don’t like you and if you do something to them, they will come after you,” an anonymous student told the Post. I’m not going to walk anywhere. We’re definitely more cautious about that. I don’t go out at night anymore.”

Officials believe the Salvadoran gang MS-13 is suspected, however police have not made any arrests. At least 30 people have been killed by MS-13 gang members on Long Island since 2010.