The Braxton sisters haven’t always had the best relationship with their dad, but they’re still taking time to patch things up this Father’s Day. Tamar, Towanda, and Trina recently dished on the importance of fatherhood and why their dad deserves respect, despite their rocky history.

“Even though our relationship might be slightly estranged right now, we cannot negate that our father was always a great father to us and he was there for us while our parents were married, so we still have to respect and revere him as the father that he was to us as young adults,” Trina told VIBE Magazine.

Tamar also added that their father was a great provider and emotional support for his girls. “Alot of people didn’t have those 15 years or 20 years that we had with our dad — the wonderful years that he was there for us, not only just providing for us but he was there for us emotionally, too, at some point. And that’s the part that we honor and that’s why it’s so important to us because I feel like once you’ve had that [relationship] you can have it again.”