Brandy recently settled an extortion lawsuit against DJ Marc Mysterio who she accused of trying to extort money from her and her family.

The singer’s legal woes started after Mysterio tried to sue her for breach of contract, saying that Bandy backed out of an agreement to work with him. Yet, Brandy claimed she never made any agreement and accused Mysterio of “shakedown tactics.” She said the DJ and his “cronies” included her family in his lawsuit to try to “force her to pay their demands.” Plus Brandy claims Mysterio tried to slander her in the press.

But recently Mysterio’s lawyer said the legal tug-o-war has ended. Apparently Brandy and Mysterio have “come to a mutual agreement, the terms of which are confidential.” And it must be good: DJ Mysterio said “he’s very happy with the settlement and [he and Brandy] are cool now,” reports.

We’re glad things are okay Brandy!