Tonight, Tasha Mack, Melanie, Derwin, Malik and Jason get back on the field for another showdown on BET’s wildly popular show, “The Game.”

Singer Brandy joins the cast as the show’s newest character, Chardonnay, a no-nonsense bartender set to turn Jason PItt’s (Coby Bell) life upside down.

Unlike the sweet character she played on “Moesha,” her last recurring TV role 11 years ago, Brandy describes Chardonnay as “feisty.”

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“She’s a strong Black woman. She knows exactly what she wants and where she wants to go,” the singer tells

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If you’re thinking Chardonnay may be a stretch for Brandy, think again. She revealed that getting into character didn’t take too much effort — she simply dug deep within herself to pull out that around-the-way-girl.

“I think there is a hood chick that lives within everybody and when we are pushed — we can go there. We can get a little feisty, we can get a little sassy. I had to definitely tap into that. I have friends that are like Tasha Mack, who’s a perfect mentor for Chardonnay.”

Judging by this sneak peek, Jason and Chardonnay are off to a rocky start. We’ll be tuning in to BET tonight at 10pm.

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