Brandon T. Jackson Allegedly Called N-Word on US Airways Flight
Getty Images

Actor Brandon T. Jackson, best known for his roles in Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son, Lottery Ticket and Tropic Thunder, claims a US Airways flight attendant hurled a racial slur at him yesterday.

Immediately following the incident, Jackson took to Twitter to alert everyone of the situation. A flight attendant named “Dee” allegedly told Jackson to take his seat. From there, the two engaged an argument. Jackson claims “Dee” said to him, “I don’t care if your Obama son get in your seat!” He also says the named flight attendant called him the n-word.

Jackson was then escorted off the plane and questioned by Phoenix police. The actor was eventually released and wasn’t allowed to board another flight, he claims.

“This was the most racist thing that ever happened to me even the white people on the plane was like that [was] racist,” he tweeted.

US Airways has yet to issue a statement on the incident.