Brandon Scott Clinches Democratic Nomination For Mayor Of Baltimore

Several states headed to the polls on Tuesday, and in Maryland, a number of key primary races prompted what’s reported to be a rise in voter turnout. One such race was that of the 2020 Baltimore mayoral contest. In that election Brandon Scott squeaked out a victory in a crowded Democratic field, making him the official Democratic nominee on the November 2020 ballot.

Scott is running on the platforms of ending gun violence and building public safety, restoring trust in city government, and leading the city through COVID-19 and its aftermath. On his official campaign page, he says he’s running for mayor because “the status quo just won’t work.” Scott beat out more than 20 other candidates for the victory, including Bernard “Jack” Young, the incumbent mayor of Baltimore and his closest competitor, Sheila Dixon, the former mayor of the city. 

Brandon Scott Clinches Democratic Nomination For Mayor Of Baltimore

“Tonight, we celebrate a hard-fought victory for the future of Baltimore,” Scott said in a tweet after being declared the winner. “From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank my family, my team, our volunteers, those who voted for a new way forward for Baltimore, and everyone who believes change is not just possible, but long overdue.”

The Democratic nominee is the current president of the Baltimore City Council. At 36, he’s already had an impressive political career, running in 2018 alongside Jim Shea for the Maryland gubernatorial race. Though they lost, Scott remained committed to changing the city that raised him, emerging as a strong proponent of funneling more resources into underfunded communities. 

In recent years Baltimore has contended with gun violence, rioting in the aftermath of the Freddie Gray case and scandals brought on by elected officials. Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh pleaded guilty to a fraud scheme in which she profited $800,000 off the sales of children’s books. She’s also expected to plead guilty to perjury in the case and report to a federal prison later this month.

Pugh’s exit from politics created a pathway for Brandon Scott’s go as city council president, after the former council president and current mayor Bernard “Jack” Young replaced Pugh in office. On Tuesday voters also decided on the Democratic nominee in that important council race. Maryland State Delegate Nick J. Mosby won that election.