We know what you might be thinking, “not another book to tell me how to get a man!” We feel your pain, but The Rules of Love: A Personal Code for Happier, More Fulfilling Relationships (FT Press, 2008) by Richard Templar goes beyond the typical dating tips that promise to help you find (and keep) a mate. There are also rules for family (Rule #78: Treat Them The Way You Believe is Right, No Matter How They Treat You) and rules for friendships (Rule #89: Never Give Advice) to make for a well-rounded book.

If you’ve read your share of dating books in the past, tips like “Get Over it Before You Get on With It,” “Don’t Stay with Someone Who Doesn’t Care,” and “Don’t Play Games” may sound repetitive, but this easy read allows you to skip through pages without having to miss a beat.

Find out what Templar has to say about being cruel to be kind, what it really means when your partner wants space and why your man is more important than your kids. Though some of these tips may sound illogical, you might be surprised to read what may be the key to lifelong love. But remember, apply rules at own risk.

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