Blogger Shares Photo of Her Stretch Marks, Encourages Women to Embrace Their Bodies
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Brenda DeRousen, mentor, and founder of Oh, Brenda, posted an image of her stretch marks to celebrate women’s bodies in ways that aren’t usually celebrated. “As some of you may or may not know, I’ve been on a journey to fully love myself,” she writes. “I’ve hid many of my insecurities by putting on a “strong woman” front and acting as if nothing ever bothered me. But that’s not really who I am. And in all actuality, A LOT of things bother me. One of those things happened to be the stretch-marks on my stomach.” 

In the image she bares her stretch marks and all and leaves us this as a takeaway, “Sexy, near naked, and provocative pictures flood our news feeds daily. They make other women who don’t look the same feel inadequate. Well, here’s a different kind of provocative for your feed. Enjoy!”

Since the posting, the video has gone viral opening a dialogue on taking control of what real beauty means. How comfortable would you feel sharing images of your stretch marks?

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