• Legendary blaxploitation actress Vonetta McGee died at age 65 after suffering a heart attack and being placed on life support for two days. [AOLBV
  • The Obamas are headed to Acadia National Park in Maine this weekend for a family vacation. [AP
  • Vivica Fox was on “Lopez Tonight” on Wednesday, promoting her book “Love Chronicles.” She explained to George Lopez just what a “cougar” is and dished on kissing Larry David on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” [LT
  • Black Tea Party members are speaking out against the NAACP’s decision to condemn the Tea Party movement as “racist.” [Politico]
  • L.A. Police have confiscated hundreds of pieces of evidence from the home of Lonnie David Franklin Jr. — also known as the Grim Sleeper — who is charged with murdering 10 women, 7 of them African-American. [L.A.Times
  • A fitness company is suing Tiki Barber because he signed a contract with them while he was cheating on his wife. The company says they were promised, “a happily-married, celebrity couple who were known to attend indoor cycling classes together.” [TMZ]
  • Wanda Sykes received two Emmy nominations for her HBO standup show, “I’ma Be Me.” [EURWeb]
  • Jaleel White will not be charged with domestic battery of his ex, Bridget Hardy, who accused the actor, best known for his role as Steve Urkel on “Family Matters,” of punching and slapping her. [TMZ]