#Blaxit Is a Hilarious Response to the Idea of Black People Leaving America
Jon Feingersh/ Getty

The lack of reform against police brutality and injustice in America is causing some to call for a #Blaxit: “a mass exodus of Black people.”

Writing for The Salt Collective, Ulysses Burley III presents the possibility of an America without  Black people or Black culture. He writes:

Where we will go I don’t know, but it’s clear that Black lives don’t matter here, and it’s even more apparent that the powers that be are doing everything possible to make America white again (except America was never white to begin with).

But there’s the catch; if we go, Burley suggests we take a few things with us, like the word “fleek,” Black American’s $1.2 trillion buying power and naturally, Beyoncé.

But we’re not stopping there. The conversation continued on Awesomely Luvvie, where shea butter, the Allstate man and Mother Cicely Tyson were named, and soon after, Luvvie’s “melanin-deficient readers” began bargaining and negotiating terms.
One reader writes, “I’m just a White dude but I will miss most of this too much. Can I come along if I promise to be cool?”

Another writes, “Heavens, I think us White people are down to dried peas and smallpox.”

And here’s what Twitter had to say:

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Everything listed, however, is proof that we shouldn’t have to go anywhere. Our ancestors have sacrificed and contributed too much.

Salut, Ulysses and Luvvie!

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