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Blair Underwood to Produce and Narrate Sports Doc 'Olympic Pride, American Prejudice'

The actor is on board to help tell the story of Jesse Owens and 17 other African American athletes as they ventured to the 1936 Summer Games in 'Olympic Pride, American Prejudice.'
Blair Underwood to Produce and Narrate Sports Doc ‘Olympic Pride, American Prejudice’
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Blair Underwood is lending his voice to narrate to the Deborah Riley Draper documentary, Olympic Pride, American Prejudice.

The project will follow the stories of 18 Black Olympians as they venture to the 1936 Summer Games, Variety reports. Set in racially torn Germany, the 16 men and two women athletes are torn between boycotting and participating in the games.

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Underwood, who will also executive produce the documentary, said that the project is one that tells the story of an often unshared part of African American sport history.

“I am honored to join Deborah Riley Draper and her creative team in bringing this gem to the screen,” he said. “Olympic Pride/American Prejudice is an inspiring and gripping documentary that delves into a poignant, yet forgotten chapter in American history.”

Most notable of athletes from the 1936 Olympics is Jesse Owens who secured four gold medals for the US in the 100 meter, 200 meter, 4 x 100 meter relays and the long jump.

While the air-date for the documentary has yet to be released, it will be produced by the through Draper’s production company, Coffee Bluff Pictures.