The possibility that the only Black member of the University of South Carolina’s board of trustees may not be re-elected by state legislature has Black law makers urging students of the state college to not participate in the school’s sports programs. According to CNN, USC board member Leah Moody, the only African American on the board, is the only trustee whose position is being challenged. “You can go to USC and play football and play baseball and entertain South Carolina, but you can never be in a decision-making position,” Representative Leon Howard told CNN. Black athletes often lead the big college sports–football, basketball and baseball–programs. If they were to suddenly refuse to play for USC, it’s probably safe to say that the university’s teams would lose some of their star players. “Not only are we good at athletics,” Representative Todd Rutherford told CNN, “but we can take a part in running the school.” When asked about the push to boycott sports programs, football coach Steve Spurrier told CNN that he is not “concerned” with the matter because he has “no control” over it. Read More: