On November 26, NBC News with Brian Williams launches a week-long exploration of the state of Black women in America. This special report touches on issues ranging from the state of our health to our pursuit of higher education; from who and how we date, to our pivotal role in the 2008 presidential race.

The five-part series features interviews with ESSENCE Editor-in-Chief Angela Burt-Murray, as well as results from an essence.com poll on interracial dating.

Even before one episode has aired, comments on the dailynightly.msnbc.msn.com web site story touting the upcoming program ranged from those in favor of a spotlight being shined on our issues, to those wondering if there’s too much emphasis being placed on our plight instead of focusing on solutions.

Want to judge for yourself? Following is a listing of the series’ scheduled line-up:

MONDAY: Black women and the pursuit of higher education

TUESDAY: Dating and the single Black woman

WEDNESDAY: Black women and breast cancer

THURSDAY: The 2008 presidential race: how will our vote influence the outcome?

FRIDAY: Health risks and realities; hip-hop; interracial dating

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