Black Woman Sentenced in Plot to Join ISIS with Fiancé
Melanie Thortis/The Vicksburg Evening Post via the AP

A Mississippi judge has sentenced Jaelyn Young to 12 years in prison for conspiring to help ISIS, AP reports.

Young, a 20-year-old former Mississippi State University student and daughter of a former Navy seal, contrived a plan to join the Islamic terrorist group with her fiancé, Muhammad Dakhlalla, 22, last year.

The couple, who met in school, were arrested in an airport on their way to ISIS-held territory in the Middle East.

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Their plot was discovered after both Young and Dakhlalla unknowingly arranged plans to escape to Syria with an undercover FBI agent.

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Authorities are painting Young as the mastermind behind the plan.

After converting to Islam in 2015, reports claim Young convinced Dakhlalla to sympathize with Islamic radical organization.

In a farewell letter written to her family, Young reportedly wrote, “I found the contacts, made arrangements, planned the departure…I am guilty of what you soon will find out.”

Young pleaded guilty to charges in March. Dakhlalla is still awaiting sentencing.