In a historic moment for women in sports, Washington D.C. science teacher Natalie Randolph has been named head coach of the Calvin Coolidge Senior High School football team, reports CNN. Randolph is believed to be the first female head varsity coach in the country. “While I’m proud to be part of what this all means,” she said at a new conference this week, “being female has nothing to do with it. I love football, I love teaching, I love these kids. My being female has nothing to do with my support and respect for my players on the field and in the classroom.” Randolph is a former professional football player herself, having been a wide receiver for the D.C. Divas women’s pro-football team. “Girls and women–along with their fathers, sons and brothers–now have clear evidence that the gridiron ceiling can be broken. Natalie’s hiring will serve as a much-needed catalyst for women in leadership positions across all sports,” said Karen Durkin of the Women’s Sports Foundation. Congratulations Natalie. Read More: