Akua Agyemfra sometimes wears extensions in her hair like many other natural haired women, but when she chose to wear her hair in a bun to her new job at Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill, a chain restaurant in Toronto, Canada, she was faced with conflict. She was told she had to go home because her hair was not down per company policy. When she showed the manager that her natural hair will not lay down she was still sent home. 

“You should have your hair however you want, that’s my only problem [with what happened],” she said. “I feel your hair should be up in a restaurant. It’s more classy and more professional.”

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Agyemfra contacted CBC’s Makda Ghebreslassie, to further explain: “I know most black women at restaurants are forced to wear wigs or weaves or extensions, or are forced to straighten their hair everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I think extensions look great. I’ve been wearing them ever since I was a little girl. I love when I get my braids. It’s the protective style I choose and works for me. But why am I scrutinized when I decide to take them out? That’s not fair.”

As of this morning, the restaurant hasn’t made any comments.

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