Black Twitter Strikes Again: White Woman Who Called Police On Black Family Becomes A Hilarious Meme
Michelle Dione / YouTube

The list of things Black people can do without worrying about white folks calling the police is growing shorter by the day. Napping in a dorm? Suspect. Waiting in Starbucks? That may get you arrested. Trying to eat at the Waffle House? Yup, you might get detained, too. Community service? That could also get you knocked.

For Black Americans, the threat of racism looms large every day, but there is one place where we can take back a little of the power and turn the tables on those who seem to be aggrieved by our mere existence: Twitter.

After a white woman called the cops on a group of Black people barbecuing in an Oakland park, many wondered if anywhere was safe. Instead of just getting angry (or keeping their pits at home) Black Oaklanders threw a protest cookout, and Black Twitter turned the caller into a series of hilarious memes.

The comical images seemed to wonder how the unnamed woman would react to iconic moments in Black history and pop culture, and of course, the results were downright entertaining.


While our ability to laugh through our pain has kept us alive, I think Black folks would gladly trade in all of the memes and jokes if we could go about our daily lives without being bombarded by people other people’s prejudice and racism.

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