Student’s at Georgia school Valdosta State University were escorted out of a Donald Trump Rally on Monday. 

Law enforcement from the university ejected the nearly 30 students from the event prior to its start, USA TODAY reports. 

One student, Tahjila Davis, was visibly shaken by being forced to leave. She said she and other students “didn’t plan to do anything.” They simply wanted to “watch the rally.”

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“They said, ‘This is Trump’s property; it’s a private event.’ But I paid my tuition to be here.”

Campaign Spokesperson Hope Hicks said in an email that the students were not removed at the request of the candidate, but Davis and other students questioned if race had anything to do with their forced exit. 

“To get kicked out because we’re a group of Black people is really crazy,” Davis continued. “It shows you how racist our own school is that we can’t even go to our own school complex.”

Another student said she and other students showed up to the rally to hear more of Trump’s political platform and did so with no intention of causing disruption. 

“We came to the rally today just to make a statement with our attire,” she said. “We came in quiet, we weren’t starting any trouble, we weren’t saying anything. We just came in together as a group, to see what the presidential had to offer for not only our campus but to our community as well as our country.”