‘Black-ish’ Creator Kenya Barris Blasts Director Judd Apatow on His ‘Obsession’ with Bill Cosby
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Last night, Black-ish creator Kenya Barris put The 40-Year-Old-Virgin producer Judd Apatow on blast in a series of since-deleted tweets, calling out the producer’s “obsessive” behavior attacking Bill Cosby juxtaposed with his silence on other Black issues.

Over the weekend, Apatow fired off a round of tweets chastising Cosby and his supporters amidst the comedian’s sexual assault allegations.

Early this morning, Barris rebutted, not on behalf of Cosby but rather on behalf of all Black people. He prefaced his tweets by saying that he didn’t support Cosby, but he called Apatow’s fixation “strangely obsessive.”

“Where was ur #EricGarner #FergusonDecision #ICantBreathe #PakistanSchoolAttack #donaldsterling #3rdactoffunnypeople tweets?” Barris interrogates.

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Barris goes on to say that he respects Apatow’s art, but he feels as though the producer is getting pleasure from Cosby’s pain.

“It’s like ur getn some sick pleasure from watching a black man who meant so much for so many fall,” Barris tweeted, going on to criticize Apatow’s caricatured depiction of Black people in his movies.

He respectfully ended his Twitter tirade on a positive note.

“I’m sorry 2 use a public forum to say this to 1 of my idols but I think it’s important to take a moment 2 say ‘we get it, Judd'” he tweeted. “Finally, i want 2 say that ur a genius, national treasure, maverick, & will probably now deservedly ruin my fledgling career.”

What do you think of the Black-ish creator’s tweets?