Black HBCU Grads Report Higher Senses of Well-Being, Gallup Poll Finds
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Despite the ongoing challenges that many HBCUs tragically face, a new Gallup poll shows that Black graduates from those colleges and universities report a higher sense of well-being than their counterparts at predominately White institutions.

Findings shows that 51 percent of HBCU grads report a positive sense of well-being in terms of social, financial, community and physical aspects. Comparatively, only 43 percent PWI alums report the same. More so, Black HBCU grads felt overall stronger and more positive connections with their professors and mentors while in college.

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“The profoundly different experiences that Black graduates of HBCUs and non-HBCUs are having in college may leave HBCU graduates feeling better prepared for life afterward and potentially lead these two groups to live vastly different lives after college,” the study notes.

How would you rate yourself on your post-grad well-being?