Apart from a bad hair day, there’s nothing worse than combing through your once-healthy mane to find broken strands in your hand. If you’ve been here before, don’t panic – hair loss is normal and can be treated if you know the causes. Here are three ways to avoid lost locks this season.

Expert hair loss symptoms and cures as reported by Prevention:

1. Hereditary Hair Loss
 Genetic hairloss, also known as  androgenetic alopecia, is the most common cause for hair loss, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

The signs: You may have thinning at the sides of your head, bangs, or even balding spots throughout your scalp.

How to beat it : Try products like Rogaine that can slow your hair loss without over-drying – be sure to apply any hairloss treatment sparingly at first, not more than twice a day.

2. Excessive Styling
We all love a new do but excessive flat ironing, blow drying, or dyeing is a quick way to strip your hair of much-needed nutrients.   

The signs: If your hair is falling out from styling, you’ll notice sharp, brittle, broken ends on your strands.

How to beat  it: Lay off the heat and dye! Also try other alternatives to styling like rollers (watch for breakage), simple updos, air drying, and maybe even a natural style.

3.  Skin Conditions that Damage the Scalp
Alot of us may not think about it, but skin can heavily impact hair growth— particularly on your scalp. Skin conditions like dandruff and fungal infections (ringworm) can lead to hair loss.  

The signs: Dry or greasy flakes when you brush your hair; fungal infections may cause red patches or sores on your scalp.

How to beat it: There are medicated shampoos for scalp fungus and conditioner can be a cure-all. A good conditioner can restore moisture to the dry scalp and make your hair healthier.  

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