Black Girls Rock! Founder Beverly Bond Says Hillary Clinton is ‘Sincere’ in Her Efforts
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Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton got a stamp of approval last week from Black girls everywhere. Well, sort of.

At the 15th annual Women Who Care Awards, the Huffington Post chatted with Black Girls Rock! founder Beverly Bond, who opened up about Clinton’s appearance at April’s Black Girls Rock! 

List of Black Women Supporting Hillary Clinton Grows

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“I can’t speak for other places and spaces she’s been to, but I think she sincerely wanted to be a part of what we were doing with Black Girls Rock!,” Bond said. “She’s also a very good friend of the network president, and she has a lot of women of color who are supportive of her and that are in her cabinet and that work with her.” 

In previous months, Clinton has been criticized for not being genuine in her outreach to the Black community. Despite the criticisms, Clinton has garnered the support of hundreds of Black female influencers and activists.

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“I feel very grateful for the enormous amount of support I have in the African-American community,” Clinton told in February. “I have deep and very loyal friendships and networks within the African-American community that are very important to me.”