Black Female Off-Duty Baltimore Cop Attacked By Uniformed White Male Cop
Getty Images/iStockphoto
Early Sunday morning, a Black female off-duty Baltimore police officer was beaten by an uniformed male white police officer, after cops responded to a disorderly conduct call outside a Baltimore strip club.  Onlookers pulled out their cellphones to record the altercation. “We looked up and the police was striking a female, full force, full impact,” a witness stated to WBAL TV. “He wasn’t arresting her. He threw that lady around like she was a rag doll,” the witness continued. During the altercation witnesses attempted to inform the unidentified white cop that the woman he was beating was a cop also, but apparently that didn’t help. The female officer has been identified as Baltimore police Sgt. Henrietta Middleton, a 12-year veteran, was subsequently arrested, and charged with drunk and disorderly conduct. Baltimore police issued a statement about the incident: “When officers arrived, they observed the patron acting in a disorderly manner. The female patron approached an officer and refused to comply. She was arrested and charged on a criminal citation for drunk and disorderly conduct. She was identified as Henrietta Middleton, a 12-year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department, who is currently assigned to the Inspector General’s Office.” There’s no word on whether or not the white officer will face any type of punishment.


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