While most women take offense at being called the “B” word, Milwaukee City Council candidate Ieshuh Griffin (pictured) embraces it, and wants it put on a ballot, reports the Associated Press. To be exact, Griffin, an Independent running for a seat in the state’s Assembly, wants the phrase “NOT the Whiteman’s b-tch” placed next to her name on the ballot. But the Wisconsin election oversight board was not in agreement last night as they voted against the phrase, calling it racially charged. Griffin argued her case in front of the board’s five White judges, and called the phrase “freedom of expression.” “It’s not a racial slur. It’s not a slur,” she said. “I’m not making a derogatory statement to a group of people or an ethnic group.” Currently working as a community activist, Griffin argued that her the term is one her “constituents identify with.” All candidates in Wisconsin are allowed to use five words to describe themselves that will be placed next to their names on the ballot. The phrase cannot be perjorative, profane or discriminatory. Griffin has threatened to take her case to the Supreme Court. What do you think? Freedom of expression or offensive?