We’ve got some great news for women today. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has announced new women’s health care guidelines aimed to help make preventative care more available.

Beginning in one year, on August 1, 2012, if you have a private insurance plan you’re done paying out of pocket co-pays for preventative services like birth control, emergency contraception, and mammograms.

“We know that half of women, according to studies, forgo or delay preventive care because they can’t afford it and under the affordable care act that all changes,” Stephanie Cutter, a White House advisor, told ABC News.

Full coverage for birth control has been vehemently opposed by conservative groups and leaders in the past. Their argument is that the government’s money should not be used for abortion or birth control.

Supporters say this new law is focused on improving women’s health.

“It’s already illegal to use federal dollars to provide abortions — that is not part of our law. Today is about keeping women healthy, keeping women and their babies healthy,” Cutter said.

Benefits of these changes may not be seen until January 2013 the department says, but the good news is, there will no need to sign up for anything, the changes will automatically take effect.

What are your thoughts about the new law? Are you glad to soon be saving more money on crucial medical care?