Billy Dee Williams is a Colt 45 Spokesperson Again
Colt 45

It’s been 25 years since Billy Dee Williams was the face and voice of Colt 45 and the veteran actor is back at it.

Williams has been renamed as the malt liquor brand’s spokesperson after first serving as such in 1986. 

At age 78, Williams says coming back to the brand brings things full circle. 

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“I suppose that it has always been a part of my life,” he told USA Today. “Because I put my face on it and a voice to it got so many years. 

Williams was originally a sponsor behing the brand during a five year partnership. 

Coining it’s trademark tagline, “it works everytime,” Williams is set to appear in TV, print and online marketing campaigns for Colt 45. 

The actor tweeted Tuesday the teaser ad of his return. 

The brand has also relished in the return of its former famous face.