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Yep, Bill O'Reilly Just Embraced White Nationalism On Television

The conservative bigot seemed to have no reservations about supporting the idea that keeping power in the hands of white people only is the way to go.
Yep, Bill O’Reilly Just Embraced White Nationalism On Television

Bill O’Reilly is still on his worst behavior.

The controversial political pundit was recently discussing the ongoing debate over the diminishing value of the Electoral College during a segment on his Fox News show when he launched into a ridiculous tirade about white nationalism and power.

“The left wants power taken away from the white establishment,” O’Reilly said on Tuesday evening. “They want a profound change in the way America is run. Taking power away from the white precincts is the quickest way to do that.”

With no qualms about his outwardly racist comments, O’Reilly continued on, chastising prominent media outlets who have spoken out against the Electoral College, while all but admitting the correlation between the Republican party and white elitist beliefs. He even suggested that the idea of white privilege being a bad thing should be completely eliminated.

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“Newspapers like the New York Times and LA Times have editorialized to get rid of the Electoral College,” O’Reilly added “They well know that neutralizing the largely white, rural areas in the Midwest and South will assure liberal politicians get power and keep it… the left sees white privilege as an oppressive force that must be done away with.”

Hear his disgraceful commentary in full, below.

O’Reilly’s blatantly prejudice commentary comes on the heels of Donald Trump appointing several businessman with documented histories of embracing white supremacist ideals to his presidential cabinet.