Bill Cosby’s Wife Supports Him “On Every Level,” Says Family Friend
Getty Images

According to People magazine, Camille Cosby is standing by her man. An anonymous source close to the Cosby family says that it’s her love for her husband Bill that’s keeping her by his side as sexual assault allegations continue to surface.

“She’s behind him. I think that their half-century of marriage and love and accomplishment, that  outweighs things like this,” the family friend told People.

Camille, 70, has been married to Bill Cosby for 51 years. She was recently thrown into the spotlight when video surfaced of her silently sitting by her husband while he was being questioned about rape allegations by the Associated Press. 

None of Cosby children or Camille herself has made any comments about Bill Cosby’s scandal. However, Cosby’s nephew, Braxton Cosby, told he believes his uncle is “innocent.”