One of the most anticipated films in hip-hop, “Notorious,” based on the life of the late Bad Boy artist Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace hits theaters in January 2009. The film’s producers have done a great job in casting the lead role with newcomer Jamal Woolard, according to Mark “Slim” Scandrick” of 112, a former label mate who was a friend of the slain rapper.

“I met him on the set of my video for “Good Lovin'” in Long Island, [New York],” recalls the 30-year-old Atlanta native. “He gave me chills, because he is the same weight and height that Biggie was before he died. Even his mannerisms, like the way he tilts his head to the side to look at you is the same way B.I.G. did. I can’t wait to see the film.”

Slim’s solo debut, “Love Is Crazy,” from his independent label, M3, topped iTunes Best of 2008 list.

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