Two years after Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ video, it is still causing a stir online. Hundreds of thousands have uploaded their own imitation of the now famous choreographed video to YouTube. At last month’s World of Dance competition held in Pomona, California, a dance troupe of 7-year-old girls did their own rendition of the sexy Sasha Fierce performance. A video of what some call ‘disturbing’ has gone viral with over 2 million YouTube clicks. Bloggers and the Twittersphere alike are questioning whether their performance was too provocative or who should be at blame. One Tweet said, “Apparently 7 yr old girls now think bootypopping in lingerie 2 Single Ladies is an accomplishment. Thx Beyonce.” While another user said, “Beyonce is an adult entertainer. The kids’ parents bear responsibility.”

There is no denying it, the young girls can dance. Do you think these girls are being too sexy or just copying their pop icon?