Beyoncé  dropped an unexpected track last night –– yet again: “Flawless” remixed with Nicki Minaj. The impromptu late-night release on the singer’s website may have caught us off-guard, but Beyonce touching on the subject of the Jay-Z/ Solange elevator fight was even more surprising. “Of course sometimes sh*t go down when there’s a billion dollar in the elevator,” she sung. No one saw that comment coming, but then again, it is her sis Solange she credits in the same song for her new-found brashness, “my sister told me I should speak my mind.”

Besides, that elevator incident was just a minor hiccup in the world of Beyoncé , since then the singer has toured with her husband, received eight MTV nominations and received her very own costume exhibition at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. What can we say? She’s flawless.